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For over a decade, we have provided the key tools and resources you need to address challenges in stem cell research. Now we’ve harnessed these powerful innovations into a complete system to support every step of your stem cell research workflow. Our complete portfolio of stem cell research products and services allows you to simplify your workflow and enables the continuity, efficiency, and precision that drive discovery.

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Expand and maintain stem cells in Gibco serum-free, feeder-free, or xeno-free cell culture systems.

Manipulate your cells for downstream applications with Invitrogen reprogramming and gene editing tools.

Analyze stem cells and their derivatives using a wide range of cellular and molecular characterization methods.

Differentiate to your desired cell lineage with easy-to-use, flexible kits, growth factors, and supplements.

Transition your stem cell research to clinical applications with Gibco CTS products including stem cell media and reagents.

From human samples to iPSC lines to screening, choose the steps we can do for you. We offer choices at every stage of your research.

Access resources and solutions to enable the development of more physiologically relevant and reproducible models for research including 3D cell modeling and disease modeling.

Visit the Stem Cell Research Learning Center for featured stem cell resources including handbooks, webinars, training, and more. Access complete list in the Stem Cell Research Resource Library.

One Cell Bio product handbook

One Cell Bio product handbook

We have simplified our portfolio to show you how our most popular products and services are used as single tools or integrated system solutions. This handbook is meant to expedite your search for the right cell biology product and give you an in-depth look at how we can help accelerate research.

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We are committed to delivering products that serve the research needs of our customers, while striving to develop them in a way that minimizes our use of natural resources and our impact on the environment.

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