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Save 10%

Microbiological Incubators

Save 10%

Stirring Hotplates

Save 10%

Vacuum Concentrator

Save 7%

Centrifuges & Rotors

Save 20%


Save 25%

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Save up to 20%

Centrifuge Bottles & Tubes

Save up to 35%

Narrow-Mouth Bottles

Save up to 35%

Wide-Mouth Bottles

Save up to 35%

Packaging Bottles

Save up to 25%

Sample Containers, Carboys & Jars

Save up to 55%


Save up to 35%

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Barcode Readers & Tubes

Save up to 35%

Cryogenic Storage Systems & Accessories

Save up to 15%

Heat Sealers & Accessories

Save up to 25%

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Electrodes & Buffers

Save 10%

Stock up on Thermo Scientific electrodes, buffers and solutions, and elemental measurements while special offers last!

Benchtop Meters and Kits

Save 15%

Water Purification Cartridges

Save 20%

May 26th thru May 31st ONLY


Up to 50% Off 

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